161st AGM – Sunday 16th December 2018 -4.00pm

161st Annual General Meeting – Sun. 16th Dec. 2018 at 16:00 hrs.
Well, it’s here again! The time when the present Club administration prepares to stand down and members can vote to elect new Officers to the Club’s Council and Committees.

This will take place at the Annual General Meeting which this year will be at the Club on Sunday 16th December 2018 starting at 4.00pm.

Notice of the AGM and an agenda are now displayed on the Club’s notice board along with proposal forms for posts on Council, Sailing Committee,  and Social Committee for the coming year. Last year’s AGM Minutes  can be accessed by this link;

ESC – 160th Annual General Meeting – 10 12 17 (1)

and the agenda has also been sent out by Broadcast.

Why not give up a little of your time to help manage the Club, make you opinions heard and enable us to plan for the future? Elton is a Club rich with members who have a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience acquired in many walks of life, so I hope you will consider offering your skills to the Club by putting your name down for a post on Council or one of our Committees. The more members we get helping the better our club can become. There is also an opportunity to “job share” so if two want to share duties associated with a particular post then please sign up together.
I know that current Officers will ensure a proper hand-over takes place to help any new officers over the first few weeks in their new role. If you want any further information about what each role involves then please feel free to contact me or see me at the club.
In anticipation of some great new talent signing up. Many thanks,
Peter Finney – Commodore.