NOTICE OF EGM – SUNDAY 18TH Nov. 2018 – 4.30p.m.

Dear Member,
Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting.

You are hereby notified that an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of members will take place in the clubhouse on Sunday November 18th 2018 at around 4:30 pm.

Opening of the meeting
Apologies for absence
Approval of the agenda
Proposal to amend The Club’s Constitution
Closing of the meeting.

Proposal to amend the Club’s Constitution
Council would like to make some changes to The Club’s Constitution and seeks member’s approval to do so. Many of the changes relate to membership categories and other changes are designed to ensure that the Constitution is more in-line with the format suggested by the RYA. One major change is to remove the need for the club’s accounts to be ‘audited’ and instead to allow them to be ‘reviewed’ by a club member. All of the proposed changes (highlighted in italics) can be seen in the document attached below.  The present Constitution can be viewed on this website.


Honorary Secretary on behalf of Council.


RYA Club Members Satisfaction Survey – 2018

Dear Member,
Your club has enrolled in the national RYA Club Members’ Satisfaction Survey 2018 to help us understand how you feel about your club and what you like and dislike. The web based survey link will be sent to you by email and it will be easy to take part. The questions cover a range of topics so that we can get a full understanding of how you feel about Elton.

It will be going live from 1st June so you may receive an email around that time. All data will be treated according to relevant regulations by the club, the RYA and TLF and any information gathered will be treated in the strictest confidence and only used for the purposes of the survey.  All responses will be treated as anonymous and will not identify individuals so you can be completely honest with your answers and comments.

The survey is fully funded by the RYA and is being offered to all affiliated clubs. It will be of great benefit to Elton if you can complete the survey since it will enable us to identify ways of improving your club. The more members that take part the more representative the results will be so please find the time to respond. When the results are complete a summary will be shared with all members.

You can find out more about the survey by following the link in the Broadcast e mail.

You can expect the survey email to come from the following address so check you spam folder

Many Thanks,
Peter Finney

2018 Berthing Allocations

The berthing list attached is the most recent and differs from the one currently displayed in the club, which will be replaced this week. Can members please pay particular attention to the following;
  • It is now a requirement that all boats display a label on their launching trolley to indicate that payment for berth/s has been made. These labels, along with a cable tie for attachment, will be available from the Berthing Officer from Sunday March 18th onwards.
  • From April 1st in any given year, any boat NOT displaying this label and/or stored on the incorrect berth will be removed to another part of the dinghy park, without notice and at the owner’s risk. 
  • From April 1st in any given year, any member storing a boat on a berth with outstanding membership fees and/or outstanding berthing fee’s will be removed to another part of the dinghy park, without notice and at the owner’s risk, and issued with an ‘Abandoned Boat’ notification in accordance with paragraph 18 of the Club Constitution. If these outstanding fees remain unpaid, the boat in question will become the property of Elton Sailing Club on June 1st of that year, to dispose of in any manner deemed appropriate by the club.
  • The dinghy park is in the process of being re-numbered and a number of new berths have been created; new plans have been drawn up detailing these along with berths that are no longer available for use and this will be available to view shortly. Can members with a berth in the dinghy park please pay particular attention to these changes, as indicated on the berthing list.
Many Thanks
Stephanie Fuller
Berthing Officer

Club boat policy

The club now has a multitude of boats available to members which have proved invaluable in training new members and beginners. It is however proving increasingly more onerous to keep these boats in working order and insure them.

In order to provide some funds to help with this, from 1st April 2018, a policy will come into effect for club owned boats, a summary of which is below.

Use of club boats will be free to new members during their first membership cycle i.e. any time between 1st April 2018 and 31st March 2019. Preference for their use will be given to organised courses run by the club. Members should pay a fee for the use of club boats after the 31st March following initial membership.

Club boats should not normally be used at venues other than Elton Sailing Club unless for an event that they are being used to specifically represent the club eg WLYC 24 hour race.

Fees will be set at £5 for two and a half hours or less (half day) and £10 for a full day. These fees should be placed in an envelope provided with the date, time and person’s name in the suggestion box in the foyer.

The objectives of this policy are to have boats available for new members and training, encourage existing members to purchase their own boat and provide some funds to help with running costs of club boats. The full policy will be found on the notice board and this will be reviewed before April 2019 to see if it these objectives are being met.

Dave Read

Vice Commodore

Berthing Fees 2018-2019

It’s that time of year again! Berthing fees will soon be due for 2018/2019. It has therefore been decided by your Council that berthing fees, which have remained static for two years, will this year increase by a modest amount. Berthing Fees for the 2018/2019 sailing season will be as follow:

Adult Berth – due on 01/02/2018: £48

Junior Berth – due on 01/02/2018: £37

WebCollect is now available to take your payments. Please click on the Web Collect Button below to start payment. Payment by cash and cheque, although possible, incurs a large administrative overhead.

You will need to choose the number of berths you require and the complete the form for each boat. Note that we now require the boat number rather than the sail number. This will help in identifying boats in the boat park. (In 90% of cases these numbers will be the same).

You will need to choose the number of berths you require and then complete the form for each boat. Note that we now require the boat number rather than the sail number. This will help in identifying boats in the boat park. (In 90% of cases these numbers will be the same)