Duty Man


Your Duty Man team – Steve Restall and David Smith have now allocated all duties up to the end of July 2018.  So far we have generally added two duties per member, up to a maximum of 6.

In the next two weeks we will complete the allocation of the remainder of the duties up till the end of February 2019.

This year on Race days we have allocated six duties, namely : An OD; a PB2; and four Safety Crew. This will ensure we have two in the race office and two on each of two safety boats.

We could also do with all members “confirming” allocated duties so we can see where any gaps are.  A green tick appears by your name when confirmed.  Just log on to the site and click the “confirm duties” tab.

We have also been asking some Social members to give us a hand. Please let us know if you prefer not to do duties, or on the other hand please offer to do duties if you wish to – it is good fun and pleasant out on the water.

If you have any problems with Duty Man just contact Steve or Dave by E mail.

Steve Restall and Dave Smith.
Duty Man Team.

Duty Man

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