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Sailing Committee met Saturday morning to discuss how we can return to ‘competitive sailing’. Follow lots of webinars and guidance notes issued from the RYA, we feel we could be in position soon to offer a more competitive format of sailing for club members

If I can manage expectation before i carry on with the rest of this post, we are still some way off returning to normal club life and being able to offer the full blown club racing program. We will be looking to get back to our normal format of racing, as soon as guidelines allow.

Following today’s announement, Sailing Committee have agreed to try  a test event on the 5th July, starting 13.00. The details and information are listed below: 

Format will be a 90 minute Pursuit race

The wind range will be capped at 12 knots. The will be assessed by a handheld anemometer from the front of the lawn. Should the wind be over 12 knots, no race will take place.

The plan for 1 race to start, we can see how we go from there.

Should the beach no longer be in use for launching and recovery, as the water rises. Launch and recovery will be staggered in classes. Slowest classes on PY are to launch and recover first and then in order of slowest to fastest. 

Safety boats will be manned by 1 person and are there to offer safety support but mainly to run the event. The advice on free sailing still remains, sailors should be mindful of their experience and their suitability to the conditions, including their boat.

Pre entering will be a requirement, to allow for pre planning of timings. This may be relaxed as access to the club building is allowed. You can pre enter below

Results are unlikely to be available on the day- we will publish online and via our social media channels- if not able to publish on the day. We will be asking all entrants to note who is in front and behind them on the water at the end of the race, as a means of cross checking the results.