While Elton Sailing Club accept that it was difficult for ex-members to retrieve boats stored at the club during the pandemic we are now calling all ex-members who continue to store boats at the club to remove them or re-join as sailing members and pay berthing fees asap. This is notice to those members that from August 1st 2021, any boats remaining on club property by anyone who is no longer a member of Elton Sailing Club will be retained by the sailing club as financial reparation and disposed or sold as ESC see fit, as per Club Constitution paragraph 18, points a), b), and c) illustrated below.

  1. If at any time berth fees payable to The Club by any member or former member shall be  three months or more in arrears then:  

(a) The Council shall be entitled to move the boat to any other part of the premises without  being liable for any loss or damage to the boat howsoever caused. 

(b) The Council shall be entitled upon giving one month’s notice in writing to the member, at  the last known address shown in the register of members, to sell the boat and to deduct any  monies due to The Club (whether by way of arrears of subscriptions of berth fees or  otherwise) from the net proceeds of sale before accounting for any balance (if any) to the  members or former member. 

(c) Alternatively any boat, which in the opinion of The Council cannot be sold, may upon  such notice as 18 (b), be disposed of in any manner The Council may see fit and the expenses  recovered from the member or former member. Further, The Club shall, at all times, have a  lien over members’ or former members’ boats parked on The Club’s premises in respect of  all monies due to The Club, whether in respect of arrears of berth fees or subscriptions or  otherwise. 

Should anyone have any queries, please contact me, Adam Fuller, Berthing Officer at berthing@eltonsailingclub.co.uk


Many Thanks,

Adam Fuller


Berthing Officer, Elton Sailing Club