The club now has a multitude of boats available to members which have proved invaluable in training new members and beginners. It is however proving increasingly more onerous to keep these boats in working order and insure them.

In order to provide some funds to help with this, from 1st April 2018, a policy will come into effect for club owned boats, a summary of which is below.

Use of club boats will be free to new members during their first membership cycle i.e. any time between 1st April 2018 and 31st March 2019. Preference for their use will be given to organised courses run by the club. Members should pay a fee for the use of club boats after the 31st March following initial membership.

Club boats should not normally be used at venues other than Elton Sailing Club unless for an event that they are being used to specifically represent the club eg WLYC 24 hour race.

Fees will be set at £5 for two and a half hours or less (half day) and £10 for a full day. These fees should be placed in an envelope provided with the date, time and person’s name in the suggestion box in the foyer.

The objectives of this policy are to have boats available for new members and training, encourage existing members to purchase their own boat and provide some funds to help with running costs of club boats. The full policy will be found on the notice board and this will be reviewed before April 2019 to see if it these objectives are being met.

Dave Read

Vice Commodore