Your Sailing Committee decided at the beginning of the sailing year to hold a Super Series by entering sailors who had competed in over half the total races in a series into a Super Draw at the end of the year. 

As there are 6 series up to the end of October, qualifying  sailors have a chance to be entered into the Super Draw up to 6 times.

The results to date are;

Wednesday Spring Pursuit series – 51 competitors with 14 qualifying

Wednesday Summer Handicap.   – 71 competitors with 10 qualifying

Wednesday Summer Pursuit.       – 49 competitors with 9 qualifying 

Sunday Spring Handicap.             – 29 competitors with 9 qualifying

Sunday Summer Handicap.          – 24 competitors with 3 qualifying

Sunday Autumn Handicap.           – ends 27th October so you can still qualify.                                         

6 double handed boats have so far qualified and the helm and crew will be entered into the draw separately.

Qualifiers and number of entries are;

Adam Savage 5, ,Mark Harris 5, Paul Salmon 4,John O’Brien 3,Ava 3,Joy Read 3 Dave Read 2,Darren Nield 2,Tina and Kim 2,Steve Restall 1,Lisa Mullineux 1,Megan Greaves 1,Geoff McLardy 1,Rob Gascoigne 1,Rochelle Ramshaw 1,Gary and Sharon Cleary 1,Dave Gaunt 1,Clive Roberts 1,Steve and Liz Marsh 1, Anne Stephenson 1,Ava and Niamh 1,Judith Chadwick and George Berry 1, Joe Nield and Chris Lowery 1,Dave Gamble 1,Tim Craig 1.

The draw will be made at the Club AGM in December.

Jed Morris

Results Officer