Firstly, Sailing Committee would like to thanks all members for their patience and understanding over the last couple months since our previous statement, and to thank those who have ventured down to the club and on to the water for adhering to social distancing and the willingness amongst members to look out for each other, whilst we re-established how safety cover could be provided. 

The turnouts for the three 90 minute pursuit races has been great, ranging from 29 to 17. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far racing has been competitive but fun. 

Now for more exciting news!

As of 2nd August, the club house including changing facilities and toilets will be re-open, with restrictions. (see statement from Steph below) based on this Sailing Committee has decided re-arrange club racing back to something similar to our usual programme.

The rest of the season will be as follows:

2nd August-30th August Autumn Series 1
  • 3 races per day
  • 12.00 start  1 hr pursuit, 2x handicap races @ 13.45 & 15.15
5th-26th August (Wednesday nights)
  • 18.40 start 
  •  1 x pursuit race Wednesday nights
  • 20.00 finish
6th Sept- Trophy Day
  • 3 races per day
  • 12.00 start  1 hr pursuit, 2 handicap races @ 13.45 & 15.1
13th Sept-25th October Autumn Series 2
  • 3 races per day
  • 12.00 start  1 hr pursuit, 2 handicap races @ 13.45 & 15.15
10th & 11th October Club Champs
  • 12.00 start both days
  • 3 races each day
  • Further details to follow

1st November- 20th December Frostbite Series

  • 3 races per day
  • 12.00 start  1 hr pursuit, 2 handicap races @ 13.45 & 15.15
27th December- Cauldron
  • TBC
3rd Jan-14th Feb- Snowflake Winter Series 1
  • 12.00 start
  • 2 races January, 3 races Feb
21st Feb- 28th March- Snowflake Winter Series 2
  • 12.00 start
  •   3 race handicap races 

Dutyman is in the process of being redone to re-align to the updated programme, an email  will be sent when this is finished in the next week. Duties will be re-allocated across all members to ensure it’s fairly done, please ensure you swap any duties you can’t attend so that the effort is split amongst us all. Safety cover will be single manned, unless from the same family/household.

We will continue to ask you to pre-enter via the online form for the foreseeable future, we ask that if you intend to enter any racing that day, please do so via the online form. Pre-planning is a massive help at the moment to getting racing underway and so far it racing wouldn’t of been possible without it. The link will be sent out each week via social media channels and an email broadcast.

Sailing Committee are happy for the use of club boats to re-start, inline with the club boat policy (can be found on the website) however we ask these are also sprayed with the disinfectant spray after use. The spray can be found in the boat shed.

The starting system has currently found a few bugs over lockdown. Whilst the intention was to start seeking and trialling an alternative system, we will  need too fast track this now so we can implement a system over the coming months. In the meantime, we will use a stop watch and the manual sound signals, some guidance notes on running the racing without the automated system will be published in the next week. Essentially we just need the elapsed race times and the corrected handicap times will be worked out separately.

If you have any questions on the above please email me on

Re-Opening Of Club Building.

The club building will re-open on Sunday, August 2nd. Changing rooms will be open although it is still advised that those who can change at home continue to do so. There will be socially distanced marked grids in the changing rooms and we ask that members using these facilities use the antibacterial/disinfectant wipes provided to wipe down the space after use and return their belongings to their car.

The hand driers will be unavailable for use and covered but paper towels and additional waste paper bins will be provided in all club areas. Toilet cubicles will remain open for use but some urinals will be taped off to allow for social distancing.

Hand sanitizer units are being installed at various points around the club and we will be operating a one-way system with entrance through the main front doors and exit either through the Pendle Lounge fire exit or the rear doors. All doors will be propped open to allow for additional ventilation and to reduce high-touch areas and additional cleaning will be implemented.

Tables and chairs will be in socially distanced marked grids and two-metre markers will be placed on the floor to allow safe queuing for the galley. There will be additional disinfectant wipes/sprays for your use at various points around the club.

We will be operating a track and trace system; as we are still only allowing members on-site the only information we will require is your name with the date and time of your arrival. This information will be held for 21 days after which it will be securely destroyed.

I will be down at the club tomorrow, Wednesday July 29th, marking out the changing rooms and the club rooms after which I will update you with the maximum capacity for the changing and toilet facilities and where the track and trace list will be situated along with any additional information that arises.

Just to remind you, if anyone is displaying symptoms of Covid-19, please stay at home. If the club rooms look particularly busy, please be patient and wait for the spaces to clear. Wearing face masks indoors is optional but please feel free to wear one if you wish. If anyone has any question or concerns, please feel free to contact me via or on 07702 836184.

I look forward to welcoming you all back to the club at the weekend!

Many Thanks


Stephanie Fuller,

Commodore, Elton Sailing Club.